To amass a fortune that lands you in the top 10% or higher, 100%+ of the journey requires the right mindset.

I firmly believe the quality of your mind is your life.

If you believe you can’t, you won’t.

To set yourself apart from the rest of this world is easier than you think.

For one, simply by being you, you are already unique.

It’s a superpower not to be someone else.

Everyone is already taken so there’s no point in trying to imitate someone else or pretend you aren’t authentic because that simply isn’t true.

Even if Steve Jobs practiced and followed the same steps he took to build Apple once again, he wouldn’t be on the same journey.

Greatness is made from experimenting, attempting things on the spot, timing, luck, and focus.

Every time will be different so there’s no point in taking shortcuts to follow someone.

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Reverse Your Way Towards Success

I believe that success is determined through preparation + opportunity.

If you have 1 or the other, it won’t click. You need both.

A way to harness opportunity and luck is to change.

If you wait to change, nothing will change. You must put in the effort to provide yourself more.

Many people blame others for their faults and believe it’s the universe’s fault for not giving them enough time and opportunity yet that competes bogus because our constraints help us grow.

If you had everything, you wouldn’t try, and even if you did have nothing to lose, you would be less inclined to give it your all.

As a result, stop blaming, start doing, consume less, produce more, and understand you have more control than you think.

We make this world too complicated than it seems yet we have to understand that life is hard because we’re doing it right. If it was easy, there would be no point in discovering the journey although sometimes in life we discover that there’s nothing to discover.

Nonetheless, you are probably reading this trying to discover how to become successful.

First tip: stop trying so hard.

Reverse engineer your way.

This is a popular method used in Silicon Valley by engineers. It helps them curate new designs, predict the future, and understand how technology came to be and why we need it.

Besides the quant nerds on the West coast, painters such as Claude Monet to comedian, Seth Meyers use it to understand how they can become the best version of themselves.

It’s this simple:

Identify the best in the field, work backward from where they are and how they got there.

This isn’t COPYING or IMITATING, it’s adopting their skillsets and improving upon them to fit your lifestyle, personality, and skillsets.
It has worked for me and can work for you with practice, investing in yourself, and learning what the greats have in common which doesn’t include IQ, any special talent, or GPA only personalities such as grit, focus, less seriousness, and more fun.

Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s understand the nitty-gritty on how to propel your career right here right now.

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These are my best tips for getting ahead:

  • Build an online brand: utilize the largest free audience of 3 billion+ online
  • Consistency beats out perfection (doesn’t even exist)
  • Never fail due to a lack of effort because it requires no skill
  • Listen more, speak less you never learn from speaking
  • Realize life is unfair and you will get rigged so keep your head up and keep going
  • Don’t sweat the small stuff
  • Don’t take yourself so seriously
  • Improve upon what’s not working
  • Take care of yourself to be there for others
  • Overwork everyone
  • Just show up
  • Be on time
  • Develop trust and rapport by being dependable and reliable
  • Value your time to the second and treat it like money
  • Willpower and self-control are key to everything
  • Atomic habits (daily rituals) work wonders and produce massive long-term results
  • Invest in yourself — your brain is your most powerful muscle
  • Work not only when it’s a good day
  • Have your income exceed expenses ALWAYS
  • Earn less, keep more
  • Spend less than you need to and save more than 40%
  • Work when no one else is to live like no one else later
  • Know what you want and have dreams to grind towards it daily
  • Don’t impress anyone except yourself
  • Live the stealth wealth frugal minimalist lifestyle
  • You always have what you need
  • Value “less is more”
  • Resist short term gains for long-term results
  • Any experience is a learning experience

For now, this is what I’m working on.

I get it.

This litany of habits was written by a 20-year-old who might not be considered successful by your book but to me, I am.

I have everything I need. I’m fulfilled, yet never too much to keep chasing a dream with a healthy, happy, safe, loving family by my side.
I couldn’t ask for more.

To become successful is to start looking at what you do have instead of what you don’t have.

The top 10% isn’t an elite club for select individuals. The grass isn’t usually greener on the other side. Problems, insecurities, despair, and trouble don’t go away with a fat bank account so make sure to stay humble, prudent, and aware of what you’re chasing after.

Without an objective, there’s nothing.

About the author: Mia Gradelski

Hey I’m Mia, a NYU student passionate about blogging what’s on my mind all finance, tech, lifestyle-related. I'm also an investment analysis intern here at Atticus!

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